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The Ethiopian Construction Technology & Management Professionals’ Association (ECoTMPA)

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ECoTMPA is a non-profit making professional association established by volunteer professionals under the Charity and Societies Agency with Certification No. of 1495/2010.

Our Vision

Envision ethical and capable Construction Technology and Management (CoTM) Professionals responsive for the development of the Construction Industry.


Facilitate the development of the profession and the professionals thereby give additional impetus for the development effort of the nation.

Code of Ethics

ECoTMPA members are supposed to be abided by the following code of ethics:

CoTM Carrier

CoTM professionals can participate/ coordinate in the following areas but not limited to:

ECoTMPA 5th National Workshop 2013

Construction Project Management: Context, Body of Knowledge, Maturity and Certification
To highlight the components of Construction Management and its relationship with Construction Project Management,
To create awareness to the participants regarding Construction Project Management Body of Knowledge,
To indicate how the maturity level of using Construction Project Management both at the Project and Company level be assessed,
To look into the international best practices of Construction Project Management Professionals Certification and to devise a mechanism to critically adopt to the Ethiopian Context,
To take lessons from International Institutions who have the same objectives with our newly established Construction Project Management Institute.

Ministry of Urban Development & Construction and Ethiopian Construction Technology & Management Professionals’ Association

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